When will Craig play and what should you expect as part of your wedding package?
Craig will begin playing outside the wedding venue before the start of the ceremony as the groom arrives and while guests take their seats. He will play again upon the bride's arrival and will continue to play while he walks her into the venue, pausing in the rear and playing until she reaches the altar. Craig has a wide repertoire of traditional Scottish songs—let him know if you have a personal favourite! After the ceremony and once the couple has been announced, Craig will resume playing and will march the bride and groom outside after they have walked down the aisle. Craig will continue to play outside your venue and while some photographs are taken.
Prices start at only £80.


Craig is the only piper in Gretna and the surrounding area to offer bellows blown smallpipes!
A unique, softer sound with excellent harmonics—ideal for extended playing time indoors, providing breathtaking background music while signing the register, greeting guests or during photographs.  Also perfect for a remembrance to a loved one during the Ceremony.
Only available as a supplement to wedding package, £30 extra.

Full Highland Dress
Full Highland Dress is among the most powerful, romantic and dramatic of all the symbols of Scotland and you have the option for Craig to wear Full Highland Dress at your event. This more formal attire is ideal for an occasion such as a wedding.
Weather permitting. No additional charge.

Pipes and Drums
Having a drummer accompany Craig adds an even deeper layer to the already heart-stirring sound of the bagpipes—the strong and steady beat of the drum supports the melody and harmony of the pipes.
Only available as a supplement to wedding package, prices start at £80 extra.

Craig can get your party started!
Craig can attend your reception and give a 15-20 minute presentation for your guests.  You can discuss with him where in the flow of events you’d like him to play.  Some ideal moments are as the bride and groom enter the reception, once the meal is finished or later in the evening as a pause in the festivities.  Truly a memorable moment for you and your guests!
Prices vary depending on location, time and duration of play – please enquire.

Looking for a unique, personalised package?
Please give us a call to talk about your special day as we have additional services available upon request.  Please also enquire about venues outside of the Gretna Green area – Craig will travel, pending availability.  Every wedding is different and Craig is happy to discuss your arrangements and how he can play a special role.